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Friday 11th June - Let us Grow, near Jo'Burg



(Trustee Derek and Tracey funded their own trip to South Africa. It remains TACCs policy that 100% of every £1 donated by fans goes directly to good causes)


The day before the World Cup Final we went out to Orange Farm to take part in the football tournament. We were picked up from our guesthouse in Jo'burg by Sixolili and Joseph again, the Oxfam staff who drove out to Orange Farm. We have to thank both of them for all the help and support they have gave us at TACC in making the donation, and the work they do every day with NGOs like LuG.


This time we took t-shirts to give to the children taking part in the football tournament, and Sixolili and Joseph brought vuvuzelas with them too.

We were met by Mama Rose and her team. Word had spread quickly about the football tournament, and the party to follow, so there was a lot of excitement and a load of children running around. Two little girls ran up to us and gave us a cuddle. I’m not sure who it meant more to – them or us – but it was a lovely welcome.



The party had already started, with a banging beat booming out of loud speakers. The LuG team had got permission to close a side street for a few hours, so a tent had been strung across the seat, bunting put up and seats laid out. Word had spread there was a party, so there were both adults and children everywhere.


Mama then told us her story and that of LuG. Mama has been through some terrible times in her life, and lived with HIV for over twenty years, but refuses to let anything get her down and is a truly amazing lady. She is a strong, generous and giving woman who is clearly adored by everyone around her. Her team of helpers are dedicated to keep LUG going, and to helping the never ending waves of children coming through their doors.

Mama went on to tell us about how they try to keep families together by offering support in their homes. Carers go in to the houses of sick adults and orphaned children, and offer care and support wherever it is needed. This is done in a very matter of fact way, and is simply part of everyday life to them. It means there is a very strong sense of community in Orange Farm, and no-one is ever turned away.





We gathered all the children together and went over to the football ground. Teams of children from four NGOs took part, and the girls from LuG were cheerleading throughout the tournament. There were penalties, tears over missed chances, and jubilation when the winner was decided. Lunch was provided just before the final in the shape of hot dogs, and again it was amazing how much the children looked after each other. When it became clear that there was not enough hotdogs to go around the children just sat down and shared what they had, handing over bits of rolls and halving sausages.





Then it was back to the LuG offices to award the prizes and continue the party. The music continued, now accompanied by a chorus of vuvuzelas, and by now children were pouring out of the woodwork. Some speeches were made, the t-shirts were distributed to all of the football teams and the cheerleaders, and we presented our own gift to the LuG football team. For the first time ever, and to the envy of the other NGO teams taking part, LuG now has it’s own football strip. Scotland blue obviously! Nobody was prouder it seemed than the goalkeeper, particularly when he realised that Derek played in goals in his past too. We also gave them a presentation shirt commemorating TACCs new connection with LuG, and the hard work all the staff there put in.




The rest of the day was taken over by the party. Some fantastic food was cooked up by the ladies of LuG, and was handed out to anyone who was there, adults and children alike. The boys of LuG told us more about what they do including trying to teach them a variety of team sports such as football, basketball and netball. They also highlighted how important this day had been to the children in particular. It is very rare that they are able to do something fun for them as all their time and funding has to go, necessarily, on the struggles of everyday like. We were delighted that to be able to use a small part of the money that TACC supporters donate to provide a little bit of fun.





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