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For only £5 per month help us support disadvantaged children in Scotland and

abroad, and have an opportunity to win a cash prize!


How to play: £5 per month buys your lottery membership and entry to the monthly prize draw. The draw takes place within two weeks of the end of the month.


How much can you win: We select one winning number each month, that winner receiving 50% of the month's prize fund. 


How do we use the rest: The remainder is used by TACC to support disadvantaged children in Scotland and overseas.


How to join:You will need to set up a payment, to repeat every month (on the 5th of the month if possible) to the TACC Lottery Account.


Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to get the account details.


Once you have set up the payment, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to confirm the following:


Date payment will be made
Your reference

Your full postal address

The email you wish any notifications to be sent to

Whether you grant permission for your name to be made public on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and via email to all other lottery participants if you win the lottery. 


If you need any more information or help please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


What happens next:  We will send you confirmation when we receive your entry, and details of the prize and winner (if they permit us) each month following the draw.


Responsible fundraising: Our objective is to provide a fundraising lottery which raises funds responsibly. The TACC lottery is licensed by Midlothian Council.


  • The draw takes place within two weeks of the end of the month
  • The winner will be randomly selected and verified by an independent adjudicator
  • The winner will recieve 50% of the total lottery fund for that month
  • The name of each draw winner will be listed on the TACC website once they have been contacted and the prize accepted
  • On specific months additional winners may be selected to win specific items
  • All entries received before the date of the draw will be entered
  • The lottery is licenced by Midlothian Council small lotteries licence registration number 51
1. Tartan Army Children's Charity (TACC) is committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining the security of any personal information received from you. We strictly adhere to the requirements of the data protection legislation in the UK. 
The purpose of this statement is to explain to you what personal information we collect and how we may use it. 

2. When you join the lottery, we need to know your name, address, email address. This allows us to administer and run the charitable lottery, contacting winners etc. You have the option to withhold personal information that is not required for the administration of the lottery. It is your responsability to ensure that you update us when your contact details change - we need an accurate postal address and phone number/email address. Please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with any updates.

3. We use your personal information to update you about new the work TACC and details of other activities of the charity.  We will only contact you with your consent. 

4. We do not sell, rent or exchange your personal information with any third party for any reasons, beyond the essential requirement for setting up payments for the lottery. 

5. We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given us, to prevent unauthorised access in accordance with the UK data protection legislation.   We do not collect sensitive information about you except when you specifically knowingly provide it.   In order to maintain the accuracy of our database, you can check, update or remove your personal details by contacting  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

6. If you have any questions about privacy please contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Ending membership:

Please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to let us know you are ending your membership.


Please contact your bank and request that all future payments are cancelled.


Thanks to everyone who supported us in 2009 Print E-mail

Thanks to everyone who supported us in 2009, including…

• Everyone who takes part in the TACC lottery, raising over £6,500 during the year. Look out for the all new Lottery in 2010…

• Andrew Douglas, Kate Gallaway, Fraser Anderson and Dublin TA who all organised Burns Night raffles and events in January

• The Crack of Dawn TA in Fraserburgh who organised events and raffles throughout the year and raised nearly £2,500

• The Cheque Centre who donated £1,500 commission from the Amsterdam match in March

• Everyone who took part in the raffles and auctions in April

• The Caledonian Brewery Pipe Band and other volunteers who did bucket collections on match days

• Loony Alba, ETA, Kate Smith, Prestonpans TA and Dunfermline TA who organised raffles and events in November

• James Williamson, Claire Valentine and Alex Demianczuk who all ran marathons for TACC

• The Tartan March guys who walked from Oslo to Hampden and raised £1,300 for TACC

• Everyone who made private donations to TACC

• Everyone who attended and supported the 3rd Annual TACC Charity Ball in August, which raised £21,500

• Everyone who bought a TACC t-shirt or badge, raising nearly £10,000

• Red McGregor, Lick and Kinetic for their superb marketing and design services

• The Scottish FA who provided TACC with incredible support throughout the year

TACC Lottery Results Print E-mail
Lottery Draw
Grant Rodgers, Dunfermline
£180 and Signed Scotland top.
Kate Smith, Edinburgh
£250 and JMS Framing artist's proof limited edition print commemorating McFadden's goal against France, in Paris. RRP £249.
Kevin Robertson
£ 275
John Muir
£ 300
Claire Lloyd
£350, plus a framed, signed Scotland top
Scott Hay
Hilary Williams
£385 and panoramic canvas print of Hampden
Ian Strachan from Moray
Alf Cummings from Alexandria
Paul Hughes, from Newcastle
Alan Bonnyman, from Glasgow
Douglas from Billericay
Stephen Thompson
Louise Smith
Stewart Myles
Ian Rutherford
Antony Cobban from Chorley
David & Lesley MacNiven from Edinburgh
Joe Brown from Edinburgh
Craig Pagan, from Annan
John Rushbury, who wins £605.
Special Prize - Marg Ritchie, who wins the Scottish FA ltd edition 18 year old Auchentoshan malt whisky.
Rhidian Chrichton-Stuart, who wins £617.50.
Special Prize - Mairi MacLean, who wins the signed Scotland strip.
1st Prize - Paul Allison who wins £680.
2nd Prize - Ray Burnie who wins a TACC kilt worth £359
3rd Prize - Alison Houten who wins 45 minutes playing for Scotland at Hampden with Football Aid
4th Prize - Stephen Cousins who wins a pair of Scottish Cup Final tickets
24 31/05/10 Diane Hay £700
25 30/06/10

1st Prize - Roddy Daddow, Glasgow - £722.50


2nd Prize - Stuart Gray, wins trip to Prague to watch Scotland

26 31/07/10

1st prize  -

Our biggest cash prize yet, £755 is won by Neil Thomson - Which also means that £755 has been donated to the children that need it most 


2nd prizes -

2 pairs of tickets to the Balmoral Charity Ball are won by: Fraser Reid & Patrick Henderson 


3rd Prizes -

A TACC Kiltwalk rainjacket is won by C Sproul

A TACC polo shirt is won by Gordon MacRobert

27 31/08/10 1st Prize -

Ray Burnie from Auchterarder won £730


2nd prize -

Simon Smith from Thatcham won the signed Archie Gemmill print.

28 30/09/10

1st Prize -

Anne Hughes from the Isle of Man wins £722.50!


2nd prize -

Gary Mullen - Kiltwalk Rain Jacket and TACC Polo Shirt

29 31/10/10


Paul Williamson, from Cupar


30 30/11/10 Bryan Morrice, from Edinburgh £750
31 31/12/10 Calum McLean from Milton Keynes £742.50
32 31/01/11 Donald Henderson, from Motherwell £742.50
33 28/2/11 Kate Smith £737.50
34 31/3/11 Stephen Scullion, Fife £750
35 30/4/11 Paula MacFarlane £745
36 31/5/11 Jean Kennedy  
37 30/6/11

1st prize - Andrew Kirk

2nd - David Riddell

38 31/7/11

1st prize - Stevie McDougal

2nd - David Whitelaw

39 31/8/11

Elisse Marnie


Douglas Brown won a presentation box of Bell's whisky


40 30/9/11 Graeme Kean who wins £760 £760
41 31/10/11 Steve Smart  
42 30/11/11 Hugh McEvoy £685
43 31/12/11 Craig Maclean £672.50
44 31/01/12 Graeme Kean £665
45 29/02/12 Gillian Hughes £652.50
46 31/03/12 Colin Westwater £642.50
47 30/04/12 Tracey Johnstone £635
48 31/05/12 Craig Watson £637.50
49 30/06/12 Jim Murray £620
50 31/07/12

Victoria Hunter

51 31/08/12 Scott Pilmer £617.50
52 30/09/12 D Donn £610
53 31/10/12 Scott Pilmer £587.50
54 30/11/12 Claire Caldwell £560
55 31/12/12 Scott Reid £545 (Scott Donated £45 back to TACC)
56 31/01/13 Graham Yule £562.50


Barry Forrest £395


Wendy McFadden £347.50


Louise Smith £375


Elise Birks £362.50
61 30/06/13 Chrisann Regan £355
62 31/07/13 Graeme Robertson £380
63 31/08/13 Gillian Hughes £360
65 30/09/13 Allison Jenkinson £360
66 31/10/13 Mandy Monaghan £355
67 30/11/13 Gavin Kerr £347.50
68 31/12/13 Ffyonna Scott £370
69 31/01/14 Diane Hay £357.50
70 28/02/14 Garrett Ramsay £ 352.50 
71 31/03/14 Thomas Brown £352.50
72 30/04/14 Stewart Myles £ 342.50
73 31/05/14 Morven Bostock £ 327.50
74 30/06/14 Tina Ogilvie £ 330
75 31/07/14 June Hart £ 322.50
76 31/08/14 Bill Laidlaw £ 312.50
77 30/09/14 Craig Maclean £ 332.05
78 31/10/14 Nick Hosie £ 320.00
79 30/11/14 Ian Learmonth £ 307.50
80 31/12/14 Susan MacIvor £ 320.00
81 31/01/15 Paula MacFarlane £ 302.50
82 28/02/15 Graham Yule £ 262.50 (Graham donated £62.50 of prize money back to TACC)
83 31/03/15 Louise Smith £ 345
84 30/4/15 Kevin Dewar £ 320
85  31/5/15 Paul Quinn £315 Paul has very kindly donated £50 of his prize back to TACC

Charity Swim raises £1200 Print E-mail


Please find enclosed a cheque for £1200 from The Crack of Dawn Tartan Army Fraserburgh for the recent sponsored swim. We are hoping to meet up with yourself before the France game to get some photos for our local paper. I will send you some pics for the website. The amount of money raised has even surprised us and I'm sure the kiddies in Kyiv will benefit greatly from this donation. Let us know the arrangements for the visits to the orphanages so we can hopefully attend on the Thursday. Our local paper is also going to do a feature on us when we return from the Ukraine.

Cheers for now.

Alan Henderson
Susan Donn

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